Is a blockchain solution for ‘Brexit’ voting & transparency the answer?


Voting over the Blockchain presents various opportunities in security, governance and trusted campaigns. Now with news this week of counter fraud operations being undertaken in key UK neighbourhoods in areas of risk of vote rigging in the upcoming EU referendum and local elections, could blockchain technology be an investment the authorities need to consider and come to the rescue?

When looking at the voting you might also look at the biggest arguments of reducing cost, enhanced efficiency in administration and having better controls over your Borders. The idea has even been floated of a trans-national blockchain-based solution for missing persons and refugees for helping to resolve cases. So, perhaps nothing is off limits.

Now, the Drachmae Project, which acts as an incubator for different blockchain technologies and various use cases, has gone public about how it thinks technology around the blockchain could be applied to voting on referenda and elections.


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