Ethereum to move into the next phase: Homestead Release

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From the blog: When January 2015 came around, we all knew this would be the year we’d have to launch our beta version of Ethereum. Our Proof of Concept (“PoC”) series was closed off with the PoC 9 hackathon on March 5th and on July 30, 2015 we successfully launched Frontier.

Miners from all over the globe booted up their mining rigs, users fired up their nodes and the network came to life. It worked; no hiccups, no issues and from a developer’s perspective the release couldn’t have gone smoother. In the following months, our team and community demonstrated its potential and true awesomeness in dealing with issues on the network and together solving two consensus bugs.

We felt it was extremely important to clearly communicate to our users how we felt about the security of the network. Today, we’re incredibly proud to announce that we are finally ready to remove the scratched out word “safe” from our website as move into a new phase: Homestead.

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