Ethereum skyrockets, now bigger than all other altcoins combined


The price of Ether shot past benchmark levels such as USD 9 and Ethereum’s market cap is now well above 10% of Bitcoin’s.

In the past few months it seems like Ethereum is only going higher and higher every day – and today is no exception. However, what makes today’s jump in the price of Ether different is that it marks significant milestones in a possible road to the top of the cryptocurrency food chain.

Ethereum’s overall market capitalization increased by about 26% in the last twenty-four hours, reaching about $730 million as of the time of writing. Beyond the very impressive growth rate, this figure is important in its own right as it is more than the total market cap of all other altcoins combined. Additionally, at over a tenth of the value of bitcoin itself – a feat no other cryptocurrency has come close to – Ethereum actually looks to be able to soon ….

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