Rise of Replay Attacks Intensifies Ethereum Divide

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The unintended consequences of the ethereum hard fork continued to mount this week as new problems became apparent due to the ongoing popularity of two competing networks.

A week ago, there was one ethereum, a decentralized computing platform that’s drawn outside attention for applying the cryptocurrency concept to develop new Internet applications. But due to a schism in how people think the platform should work, there are now two ethereum networks (ethereum and ethereum classic), both of which use an almost identical history.

The thinking was one blockchain ‘winner’ would quickly emerge and that the other would eventually fall to the wayside. However, both have continued to exist despite these predictions.

At issue is that, by having two separate networks with two separate blockchains, anyone who held funds in the first iteration (ethereum) is now the owner of funds on the second (ethereum classic). Complicating matters is that, for users, both their ETH funds on ethereum and ETC funds on ethereum classic have the same address and private keys.

The present conditions have set the stage for “replay attacks”.

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