From Wall Street to Main Street


People walk past shops in Notting Hill, London. Traditionally small businesses wanting to launch retail or restaurants have been all but ignored by venture capital firms and investors, but DAO may change all that by combining crowdfunding with traditional equity investment.
The middle class might not have to bend over and kiss its ass goodbye after all. Two events at the end of May point the way to a more equitable future—as in, a future that’s good for a broad swath of society, not just the tiny slice that can blow $55,000 on a Louis Vuitton City Steamer alligator bag.
Those events are a crazy blockchain apparatus called the DAO raising $125 million, and the U.S. government adopting a new set of rules that will make it easier for almost anyone to buy equity in private companies. Both might take a while to have a serious impact, yet both are about something really big: the democratization of capital. If you play that out, the movement will take power from the hands of Wall Street, hedge funds and venture capital companies and …


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