SingularDTV: A Decentralized “Netflix” on Ethereum

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The team behind SingularDTV, a blockchain-based digital content distribution and management platform, is planning the launch of a decentralized system in which artists and digital content creators can build, monetize, protect and manage their creations using the blockchain technology.

Based on the Ethereum network and the ConsenSys venture production studio, SingularDTV relies on a tokenized ecosystem using a local cryptocurrency called SNGLS to help artists and creators benefit from transparent media production and distribution.

Essentially, the SingularDTV platform aims to construct a decentralized entertainment industry in which content creators have complete control over their creations and monetization methods. Its four core divisions — content creation & acquisition, documentary division, rights management platform and TVOD Brand/Portal — allow creators to display, distribute and produce films, television properties and music while protecting their copyrights in one single platform.

The SingularDTV team and its CEO Zach Lebeau believe that the platform will lead to the development of new monetization methods and will eliminate monopolistic distribution that inevitably lessens the profit of artists and filmmakers.

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